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Original Art Nouveau Diamond Brooch




This beautiful, Art Nouveau diamond and gemstone brooch is an original, unique item of antique jewellery.  The principal diamond looks huge in its setting, and spreads at a wonderful 2.5 cts, but  this does not mean that is the official or total weight, as the old rose cut diamond has not been removed from its setting.  There are a further 22 old rose cut diamonds within this antique art nouveau brooch, which have been set in their original setting of silver.  I believe the gold on the brooch is 15ct, but has not been tested.  The blue stones are small rose cut sapphires, plus one tiny red ruby at the top. I can’t say this is the finest item of antique jewellery I have owned,  but it is an exciting, old brooch, full of rugged charm and character, typical of this era, and can be worn on occasions as a statement piece.

Dimensions: 4cms x 4 cms