Welcome to Alison Needful Things Fine Antique Jewellery Specialists

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We are a specialist in antique jewellery sourcing fine antique jewellery, antique Georgian jewellery, antique Victorian jewellery, antique Edwardian jewellery, Art Deco antique jewellery and antique Art Nouveau jewellery. We have been collectors and traders of fine antique jewellery for over 15 years, participating and attending antique jewellery lectures and seminars.

We have a large selection of antique diamond jewellery, Victorian earrings, antique lockets, antique bracelets, antique rings, Art Deco jewellery and Art Nouveau jewellery.

We regularly attend antique jewellery trade fairs in London, antique fairs in the South of England and various other antique fairs in the UK.

As well as attending major antique jewellery events, we ship our antique jewellery worldwide. We source our antique jewellery from private clients, recommendations and auctions throughout the UK.