Antique Opal and Pearl Bangle

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Just delicious, antique opal bangle, with a great play of colour, set in high carat yellow gold. Victorian in its style, with a lot of attention to detail, I love it, I’m a true opal fan. This Victorian looking opal bracelet is in excellent condition and would be make a beautiful purchase, which could be worn on special occasions and of course to be kept for future generations to admire.
NOW REDUCED IN PRICE to make way for some more important antique jewellery.

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A great antique Victorian style Opal and Pearl bangle.  Set in yellow gold. I can’t say this is my favorite item of antique jewellery, because, for me, its a bit too fancy and i don’t go anywhere to wear something like this.  However, saying that, I do just love jewellery that has opals and pearls together, i think they compliment each other rather well.  Kind of organic and pure.  So this antique style opal and pearl bangle/bracelet, is definitely for special occasions.

My wrist size is 17 cms, and it fits me perfectly, definitely not too tight.