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  • 3CD31D09-4ABF-4279-9B11-9A0E9E44D4CB

Antique Onyx Black Diamond Gold Pendant




Antique, rose cut, diamond pendant, which depicts an old rose cut diamond, surrounded  by an 18ct gold design, and set together, with  a black onyx,  lozenge shape, gemstone.  This attractive item of black colour, possibly evening jewellery,  can be bought together with the matching black onyx earrings, also set with old rose cut diamonds, or an even more dramatic item from this set, a much longer, three lozenge drop pendant, boasting seven old rose cut diamonds, ideal for evening wear, or cruise wear, or perfect to accompany a wonderful ball gown.  This dramatic, statement jewellery is suitable for night and day, and I believe the single lozenge diamond pendant is fabulous for every day wear,  not just special occasion jewellery.