• F40B9202-A35E-49A1-8E23-CB7752070C10
  • F40B9202-A35E-49A1-8E23-CB7752070C10
  • 2A3CBDAF-8AD1-4D48-94D8-88043449E9A2
  • D8533D93-1365-4320-956A-CCC8D308285D

1.02ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring



The most beautiful diamond encrusted shank I have seen, in pure 18ct white gold, housing a lovely 1.02ct brilliant cut, solitaire diamond.
The solitaire diamond engagement ring is currently size L, but can be resized at small extra cost. The diamond is beautifully cut, and sparkles well, it is slightly included, meaning natural inclusions are present, but can’t be seen with out close examination, which is quite normal. The colour is approximately k/l, so all in all a huge diamond, looks sensational and very keenly priced.