Cartier Style Diamond Panther Necklace


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Cartier style, Cartier jewellery, Panther jewellery, pre owned, secondhand designer jewellery,  Carreara Carreara, in fact anything that resembles, the upmarket designer brand Cartier, attracts my attention.    So, it is with great excitement,  I offer for sale, this delightful pre owned panther necklace, set in 18ct high quality yellow gold, with authentic enamel spots.   The panthers are joined by an 18ct gold diamond circle, with eight small diamonds, and a further four small diamonds on the faces of the panthers.   The eyes are suitably set with pinky, red  rubies.

The total length of the designer panther necklace is 15″ but if you need a longer chain, I can enquire as to whether it can be matched and added, for a small extra cost.