Art Nouveau Peridot and Pearl Pendant


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Art Nouveau jewelry began around c1890 and produced until c1910 and has had a lasting impact on jewellery design, and today is frequently copied and reproduced, but sometimes, I believe, without as much intricate detail.  But…. this little beauty, this original antique art nouveau, green peridot and pearl gold pendant, is totally original, and was produced around c1905.

The antique peridot pendant comes with an appropriate gold chain, but i don’t think this was the original one, but certainly it is in keeping with the delicate and appealing style of the pendant.

This lovely antique item of jewellery would make for a perfect  graduation gift, Christmas gift, christening gift,  birthday gift, particularly if your birthday is in August.  This light green gem stone is a symbol for August’s birthstone, and which  the Egyptians apparently called peridot, the “gem of the sun”  it is believed that this light green gemstone,  has special healing powers.