Cartier Style Diamond Panther Ring


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I am a huge panther jewellery fan, and follower of  second hand designer jewelry, and beautiful Cartier jewellery, either new, or pre owned, together with  anything else that is in the style of fine Cartier jewelry, and this 18ct yellow gold panther ring is no exception.

I would expect this pre owned Cartier style, diamond  ring to be worn on a daily basis, as its condition, and elegance could make each day seem like a luxury, which indeed it is. This pre owned Cartier style panther ring, is currently size ‘M’ but can be re sized, at a small extra cost.  I believe there are approximately half a carat of fine white, brilliant cut diamonds, and the same, half a carat of red rubies, further enhanced by four piercing green emeralds for eyes.  Love this, its adorable.  Thank you.